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Shawna's Senior Session

Shawna, a senior at Dutch Fork High School needed her senior portraits done.  This session was unique in that she needed two themes/concepts into her unique session.

One was with her puppy (see below) 

And then one more a bit more unique, this one with her flag, a very unique real sky and the backdrop of downtown Columbia.

It was a really fun shoot too!

Click on the slideshow to see some of our session!!!

Benefits of hiring a professional photographer

Today's edition isn't meant to trash talk anyone out there with a camera trying to get into the business, but it is geared more towards the clients who NEED a photographer and decide that cutting their photography budget is the best way to go about it - especially in relation to their weddings.

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Team Work

It's NEVER just the photographer, or JUST the model who create a shot.  There's often a lot of behind the scene staff that come into play when putting a shoot or session together.  For my Seniors, I am honored to have found Shaunell Davis to pretty much be my go-to-girl when it prepping my seniors.


I first came across Shaunell about a year ago when a makeup stylist cancelled on me at the last minute.  Frantically, I made some calls and was recommended to use Shaunell.





I had one stylist I used, before Shaunell, and she asked me, "What do you know about makeup?"  This was an EASY question for me, and I replied very confidently with, "Well, I go into CVS, and go down and look for Maybelline".  I saw her forehead wrinkle, and then a slight smile and in her best southern drawl she came back with, "Honey, you don't know ANYTHING about makeup!"  She probably muttered "Bless your heart" under her breath, but whatever.  :)

But Shaunell makes my life SO easy, especially with retouching photos.  I have never been disappointed in the finished product she has produced and most of the time, depending on genetics, the hair remains in near photo condition thru-out our sessions and the makeup has never failed to hold up.

Without any question, when I get a senior client that wants makeup, Shaunell is my first call and quite frankly, she should be yours too!  

See some of her more recent images by clicking on this link.  It can be viewed on your phone, tablet or computer and can be saved on those devices!


Long Island Destination Shoot

A couple of things fell into place.  First, I found my model.  I was blessed, I mean absolutely BLESSED to find Morgan, my model for the day.  This young woman was incredible.  The images we created were, I think incredible.  She's got this look that can stop traffic....Um....she DID stop traffic!  

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Interesting title to a blog where I seem to be posting bi-annually, when in actuality I should be blogging twice a week, or at least that is the goal.

I'd like to say I have an excuse, but I hate hearing excuses, so I'm not going to give one.
But during what has been the most trying part of my life, I'm actually out there shooting....

So, this is a slight review of what's been going on - but I'm probably forgetting huge chunks, so, don't worry too much.

I have my senior reps that I'm in the process of getting scheduled and shot.  What a crew I've got too!!!  I've seen my previous reps graduate and getting ready to start their new life in and around the area as well as in the great state of Tennessee and Mississippi!!!  I am impressed too.

There's been weddings, bridal sessions and engagement sessions for upcoming weddings that have just been keeping me slammed.  Becky and Matthew's wedding was SUCH a blast.  That is the teaser image at the top of this post.  

I've started a few concept shoots that my current seniors will enjoy, as well as "adults".  I've begun a personal project that I've had in my mind, since I thought about photography as a career!

Roadtrips!  I'm starting to offer up destination sessions for my clients, which Tuesday's Blog will be about.  St. Louis, New York City, Chicago, Nashville, Georgia - these are locations that I will be shooting within the next 12 months!  

Then at Studio 3P, we've started up our group Meetup's again, as well as classes.  I'm planning a shootout for other photographers that will really challenge their particular skill set.

So, until next week, enjoy!