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Interesting title to a blog where I seem to be posting bi-annually, when in actuality I should be blogging twice a week, or at least that is the goal.

I'd like to say I have an excuse, but I hate hearing excuses, so I'm not going to give one.
But during what has been the most trying part of my life, I'm actually out there shooting....

So, this is a slight review of what's been going on - but I'm probably forgetting huge chunks, so, don't worry too much.

I have my senior reps that I'm in the process of getting scheduled and shot.  What a crew I've got too!!!  I've seen my previous reps graduate and getting ready to start their new life in and around the area as well as in the great state of Tennessee and Mississippi!!!  I am impressed too.

There's been weddings, bridal sessions and engagement sessions for upcoming weddings that have just been keeping me slammed.  Becky and Matthew's wedding was SUCH a blast.  That is the teaser image at the top of this post.  

I've started a few concept shoots that my current seniors will enjoy, as well as "adults".  I've begun a personal project that I've had in my mind, since I thought about photography as a career!

Roadtrips!  I'm starting to offer up destination sessions for my clients, which Tuesday's Blog will be about.  St. Louis, New York City, Chicago, Nashville, Georgia - these are locations that I will be shooting within the next 12 months!  

Then at Studio 3P, we've started up our group Meetup's again, as well as classes.  I'm planning a shootout for other photographers that will really challenge their particular skill set.

So, until next week, enjoy!



Something seems out of place that this installment of my PHOTOGRAPHY blog will be discussing Lymphoma, don't you think?

I can also say, without any doubt what-so-ever that prior to January 5th I  don't think I would have even considered blogging about Lymphoma.  This posting will also be the one of two postings on my disease.  The second one will be when I'm in Remission and if I feel the need, there might be a third - when I'm considered CURED.  Tentatively, I should be going thru Chemo until May 5th - give or take.

Lymphoma is a cancer of the blood and it's something I have.  The questions of where it came from, how I contracted it, when did I get it are all part of life's great mysteries.

So with all that being said, for the time being, until I can get a handle on when I will have good days and more importantly, when I will have bad days, I'm going to have to scale back my work load and shooting schedule - which for me is a real killer.  I'm so used to be on the Go-Go-Go that this is driving me batty.  There are still obligations and events that I must cover and I fully plan on honoring those.  Don't say anything to anyone but I'm really looking forward to getting back out there and have NO IDEA!!!

To think, I haven't shot a single image with my pro camera, no...iPhones and iPads do NOT count, since December 31st.  In other words I haven't shot a picture in the year 2015 yet.  #CRAZY!!!!

Gary Altman Post Haircut

But this "Down" time does give me a chance to catch up on other aspects my business I've been neglecting, or simply didn't have time for.  That being said, this is where and what I will be spending time on:

Blogging.  Yeah, I know, I should be doing more of this anyway.  But some of my writing will be geared towards editorials of setting up concept shoots, personal thoughts about photography, and other general thoughts and ideas.  Basically, more personal writing.

Personal Education.  I pretty much do this anyway.  Keeping up with industry trends and what other photographers are doing across the country, but now I can actually devote some time towards this avenue so that when I start shooting again, I can offer my clients the latest ideas and techniques that have proven successful.  

Brochures for my Wedding Clients as well as my soon to be rising Juniors.  Both will be 8 page. magazine still handouts.

Planning out various concept shoots I'd like to shoot.  Right now I have ideas floating around my head, but now I'm getting them down on paper, figuring out wardrobe, what I'd like hair and makeup to be, as well as who I'd like to model for my projects.  You just never know who will be coming out of my authentic Haz-Mat suit with full gas mask in the middle of the park  ;-)

And the last thing I will be trying to plan will be something either blood or lymphoma based.  Either a blood drive or some kind of cancer awareness campaign I'd like to do - or maybe a combination there of.  Because of my specializing in making women look their absolute best in every way, breast cancer awareness was something I was contemplating getting involved with.  Maybe something a little larger and more inclusive of what I'm going through as well.
Stay tuned for details later on in the year for this.

That's pretty much all for now.  Thursday's Blog will be about Jeff and Heather's family session we did back in early December

October Out-Takes Part 2

As promised, I've scoured images from April thru May of 2014 and decided to include some funny, some BTS (behind the scenes) and some images that have a back story.  
These images, without a story might be able to stand on their own, but sometimes the story enhances them.

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